Balaguer Rolls purchases two U.S. roll corrugation companies

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Balaguer Rolls, a manufacturer of flak­ing, cracking, and grinding rolls based in Onil, Alicante, Spain, in late June 2019 acquired roll corrugation companies De­sign Corrugating Co., St. Louis, MO, and Creason Companies, Wichita, KS.

Oil Mill Gazetteer in September spoke with Sales Director David Balaguer to learn more about the acquisitions and how they fit into Balaguer’s global strategy.


Why was Balaguer interested in purchasing Design Corrugating and Creason Companies?

In the past 10 years, Balaguer Group’s commercial policy has been oriented toward increasing its presence outside Europe by setting up fluting centers, which would allow Balaguer to become a local product and service provider for food processing industry companies in­ternationally.


How do these two companies fit into Balaguer’s strategic vision in the United States?

After investing in China, Eastern Europe, Turkey, and South America, Balaguer Group made a big effort to find the right U.S. companies to become part of Balaguer’s global project.

Design Corrugating and Creason Companies were identified as the best candidates to become part of Balaguer’s long-term business vision in the United States. For many years Balaguer has en­joyed excellent business relationships with Design Corrugating and Creason Companies. These two businesses have excellent market reputations and long and successful tenures serving the U.S. food processing industry.


How important to Balaguer’s stra­tegic vision is the U.S. market?

Balaguer is a global com­pany active worldwide. Our primary markets are South America, Europe, and Asia. Acquiring Design Corru­gating and Creason Com­panies allows Balaguer to enter the local U.S. market, which is a very important region in our strategic vi­sion.

Balaguer plans to in­crease its presence in the United States by supply­ing not just new rolls and roll service but many other technical services to local business. These things were not possible before the ac­quisitions.


How will Design Corrugating and Creason Companies be integrated into Balaguer?

Design Corrugating presently is han­dling the absorption of Creason Com­panies. The target is being able to fully cover the U.S. market by providing rolls and services through four locations: Oaklade, CA; Taylorville, IL; Wichita, KS; and Chattanooga, TN.

The top priority for Balaguer is to provide the U.S. market the highest quality rolls and most pre­cise service parameters. With 88 employees across four U.S. locations, clients across the country can ex­pect the highest quality standards.


Thinking longer term, is there a possibility for Balaguer to expand and grow further in the Unit­ed States?

Balaguer’s long-term goal is to grow in the United States by establishing a more solid presence in the country, as well as by en­tering into new industries and diversifying products and services provided by U.S. lo­cations.


To what do you credit Balaguer’s worldwide success over its more than 100 years in business?

Balaguer, which started as a family business founded in the small village of Onil, Spain, celebrated its 100th anni­versary in 2016.

The company’s most valuable asset is the greatness of its labor force. Balaguer employees have worked so hard over the past 103 years to grow the company to where it is today, at the top of the roll manufacturing and services business. In addition, Balaguer’s passion for quality rolls has meant that we are always striv­ing for excellence in the development of new technologies.

Quality, innovation, and passion are the three keys of Balaguer´s mission.


(Published on Oil Mill Gazetteer magazine, November 2019)