OpticalFluting Test 2.0

Following the success of the first Optical Fluting Test, the world’s only device to check rolls profiles by optical vision, this second generation has been specifically designed to help millers to easily measure and check roll profiles. In only few easy steps, the device enables the miller to get a certificate which will show the existing fluting profile of a specific roll, in order to help them to take the decision of changing the rolls at the most suitable and cost-effective time.

More portable than ever, the new Optical Fluting Test 2.0 has been reduced the size by 30%, it is 70% lighter than the previous model, and it comes in a very compact package to fully fit the most demanding milling needs.



Features OFT

  • Measuring device

    It allows us to verify quickly and accurately the state of the flutes in the roll.

  • Fluting parameters

    With a ±2.2µ accuracy in dimensional measurements and a ±0.01 accuracy in angle measurements can be obtained.

  • The Optical Fluting Test

    Enables the operator to measure the following elements of a roll profile: pitch, land, dull angle, sharp angle and roll wear percentage.

  • Alerts

    If any measurement exceeds the tolerances allowed, the system will give the miller a warning.

  • Safe and easy

    To use and transport and much more accurate than other existing devices such as magnifying glass or profilometer.

Features OFT

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