OpticalFluting Test 4.0

Balaguer Rolls launches the most advanced Optical Fluting Test to date.

The new Optical Fluting Test 4.0 is the latest version of the revolutionary Optical Fluting Test measurement device. This new version breaks with the established with improvements that expand the benefits for millers.

The new OFT 4.0 is a totally autonomous device that does not need a computer to perform the measurements, as instead, the device makes it easier for the operator to make any query about the roll. With an improved algorithm that makes the analysis of wearout faster and more accurate, the new OFT 4.0 has a larger screen for a more intuitive use and a history of the rolls analyzed to retrieve the theoretical values of the roll automatically.



Features OFT

  • Measuring device

    It allows us to verify quickly and accurately the state of the flutes in the roll.

  • Fluting parameters

    With a ±2.2µ accuracy in dimensional measurements and a ±0.01 accuracy in angle measurements can be obtained.

  • The Optical Fluting Test

    Enables the operator to measure the following elements of a roll profile: pitch, land, dull angle, sharp angle and roll wear percentage.

  • Alerts

    If any measurement exceeds the tolerances allowed, the system will give the miller a warning.

  • Safe and easy

    To use and transport and much more accurate than other existing devices such as magnifying glass or profilometer.

Features OFT

New features

  • Fully autonomus device

    No laptop needed. Just by pressing the button the wear out is calculated.

  • Faster algorith

    Improved and more precise wear out analysis.

  • Automatic contour detection

    Effortless placement of measuring points.

  • Multiple shoot

    Multiple pictures are taken at once for optimal image resolution.

  • Automatic recovery of theoretical data

    When entering a roll, if it has already been analyzed, all the theoretical data is automatically loaded, which avoids having to enter it again.

  • Roll history display

    When a cylinder number is entered, the history of all measurements made on that roll automatically appears.

  • Excellent accuracy

    Excellent accuracy in all types of flutes.

New features

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