New Optical Fluting Test 2.0

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Balaguer Rolls presented the new Optical Fluting Test 2.0 during  last IAOM Southeast Asia exhibition In Manila. This is the second version of the first well-known OFT, which was introduced in 2017 and meant a revolution in the way of checking the roll flute’s profile.

This evolved version is 50% smaller than the previous model, and it has been designed to take measurements directly from the fluted rolls in the roller mills, helping millers to take decision of changing the rolls at the most suitable and cost-effective time. 

The patented Optical Fluting Test 2.0 enables the operator to measure the following elements of a roll profile: flutes pitch, land, angles , radius, depth.

The new OFT 2.0 will be launched worldwide in January 2019, the devices will be dispatched in strict order of purchase, available for pre-order from November 2018.