The BR-SM19 sandblasting machine gets a faster sandblasting process, by obtaining a better sandblasting quality while the energy use is reduced at the minimum. Balaguer Rolls introduces significant advances in sandblasting technology, as the double sandblasting nozzle or the cyclone filter for separating fines.

Balaguer Rolls R&D Department offers the leading technology used by the company for obtaining the best sandblasting rolls for the flour extraction.

Double Sandblasting Power

  • The double sandblasting nozzle achieves a faster and cleaner sandblasting process.
  • Compressed air consumption with double nozzle.
  • Tailored for roll sizes according to customer
    (range from 200 up to 300mm and variable length between 100 and 1500mm and up to 2.000kg)
  • Full automatic PLC control and easy and fast roll change and operation by intuitive color touch panel.
  • Fine separation cyclone-filter to provide a regular grain size and achive a more homogeneus superficial finishing and roughness.

Double Sandblasting Power

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