Since the begining, at Balaguer Rolls we work every day with the goal of offering only products and services guaranteeing the best performance to our clients as well as to OEM´s. 

Throughout our history, we have developed an extensive and high quality range of rolls, designed in accordance with the application of each roll. This is the reason why Balaguer Rolls increases the performance of your grinding, cracking and flaking mill.

Fundiciones Balaguer desde 1916

from 1916

Balaguer Rolls took the first step in 1916 manufacturing small casting parts for machinery. As time went by, it evolved into a centrifugally cast iron foundry specialized in manufacturing sleeves for automotive motors.


In 1940, Balaguer focused its activity in centrifugally cast iron foundry for manufacturing rolls for cereal milling, keeping static foundry for manufacturing rolls for paper, rubber, etc.

Balaguer Rolls en los años 40


In 1960, it was the time when Balaguer Rolls became 100% specialized in manufacturing centrifugally chilled cast iron rolls for the food processing industry.

Balaguer Rolls en los años 60


Nowadays, the manufacture of Balaguer rolls is used mainly for flour milling industry, vegetable oils and compound feed. Nevertheless, other areas are getting more and more important, such as chocolate, biscuit, fertilizer, coffee and malt areas.

Balaguer Rolls en la actualidad