We offer all types of spare parts for milling industry, having our own manufacturing workshops in order to guarantee the highest standard for quality, efficiency and reliability.

Rubber endless timing belts

Power transmission “RAPPLON” belts are made with high quality materials. A safe power transmision is guaranteed due to their strength and flexibility. Practically they don’t stretch, and hold the initial tension assembling. Only in exceptional cases they need to be tautened again.

Perforated sheet

Normal perforated sheet, Milling type perforated sheet, Straight slotted perforations, Staggered type - n slotted perforations, Staggered type - v slotted perforations.

“REDLER” Conveyor chain

“Redler” conveyor chains wrought with steel blades, Double mail “Redler” conveyor chains with steel blades DIN 8165, “Redler” conveyor chains wrought with nylon blades, Double mail “Redler” conveyor chains with nylon blades DIN 8165.

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