New, OFT Optical Fluting Test

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Balaguer Rolls recently launched the last achievement of its R&D Department: The Optical Fluting Test. This is a revolutionary optical tool which enables a quick and accurate measurement of the roll flutes’ state. Fluting parameters with a 4 µm accuracy in dimensional measurements and a ±0,1º accuracy in angle measurements can be obtained.

The operation of the OFT is simple and intuitive. The worker just needs to enter the fluting parameters and the OFT will obtain a picture of the flutes by 3D optical measurement. The measurement parameters available in the Optical Fluting Test are: the flute pitch, land, angle, radius, depth, wear and spiral. In the event that one of these measurements exceeds the allowed tolerances, the system will notify it.

This system of measuring the flutes’ shape without needing to contact the roll surface gets parameters in an easy and safe way. Moreover, it is a compact and portable tool which is more accurate than the rest of the existing tools such as the loupe and the profilometer because it offers an excellent accuracy in all types of flutes. Thus, apart from being totally portable, it is quick and easy to use.

This device generates a certificate with all the information including a picture which is sent together with the measured parameters to the central system via WIFI.

The Optical Fluting Test represents an unprecedented progress in the measurement of the flutes’ state and its parameters by providing a quick and accurate measurement without needing to directly contact the rolls.